Márcia Matos, MD
Márcia Matos, MDVisiting Scholar

Márcia Matos, MD

Learning, studying and exchanging knowledge is something that has always moved Dr. Matos. Each meeting, with a patient, researcher, student or co-worker, allows Dr. Matos to carry out this exchange of knowledge and experience. Those who passed her also leave something of themselves and motivate her to study more. Dr. Matos chose medicine for the opportunity to make this change daily. Now, Dr. Matos is continuing that journey to study more by pursuing research at McGill University.

More About Márcia

Dr. Matos’ interests of research include neurological rehabilitation (especially pain and spasticity), technology in healthcare management, discharge planning in chronic conditions and interdisciplinarity.

Projects Márcia is Involved In

Did you know ?

Painting is one of Márcia’s passions

Márcia is an avid runner

This Is Us, is Márcia’s favorite TV series.

Featured Publication

Admissive evaluation and the headache diagnosis

Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2020: Master Degree Candidate at Federal University of Sergipe(UFS)  in Management and Technological Innovation in Health

  • 2019: Staff of Neurology residence program in spasticity

  • 2016: Specialization in Palliative Care, Pallium Latinoamerica, PALLIUM

  • 2016: Brazilian Headache Society, (SBCe) and Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) Specialist Degree in Headache

Research Profiles

Márcia has published in both peer-reviewed and popular outlets

Person-Centred Health Informatics