PCHI Learning Health System Research

We are currently conducting a number of LHCC research studies.

Learning Health System

The learning health system (LHS) model is grounded in the understanding that there is an opportunity to “learn from every patient.” The implementation requires data, analysis, and action infrastructure that can respond in real-time to accelerate improved performance and the adoption of best practices (Friedman et al., 2017; Smoyer, Embi, & Moffatt-Bruce, 2016). The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) is advocating the LHS for integrating the key concepts of developing a culture of learning, sharing knowledge, and accelerating improvement (Olsen, Aisner, & McGinnis, 2007).

Learning Health System Tool Kit

The PCHI Lab has adopted a strategy for accelerated dissemination by sharing our LHS toolkit. Published and updated our implementation toolkits are a compendium of best practices that stakeholders can access, thus reducing time spent on researching and compiling. Please check back soon as we are in the process of developing the components of the toolkit below.

Person-Centred Health Informatics