PCHI Lab Culture

“Having a nurturing, collaborative and people-centred research environment is not at odds with achieving high standards in funding, training, citizenship and research outputs.”

From Fernando T. Maestre, author of “Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs”.

The ten rules encapsulates the principles guiding how we work in the PCHI Lab.

Promote the well-being of your lab members

Let people set their own schedules

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls

Treat your lab members as your teammates

Create a collaborative environment within your lab

Remember that every lab member is unique

Respect working hours, public holidays, and vacations

Give credit where credit is due

Destigmatize failure and celebrate success

Promote the professional development of your lab members

Celebrating Success

We celebrate landing those grants and publishing papers. On this particular afternoon, we celebrated by taking some well-deserved time off and watched ‘Ready Player One’. We gave it a Two-Thumbs-Up!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Montreal has a unique combination of attractions, cafés, and landmarks. The city’s lifestyle of art, culture, festivals and the love of the outdoors make it a wonderful place to live. Lest we forget that bowling is at the core of daily life of a Montreal resident.

Professional & Personal Development 

Congratulations to Maitri Modi on her protocol presentation, on October 17, 2019.

Measuring Patient-Centred Care: Reliability & Validity of Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC)

We took some time celebrate the #littlethings

Wishing you all the best Fatima Amari!

How adorable is that cake !!!

Did you know that opinion leaders and knowledge brokers are ‘insider’ agents performing ‘capacity builder’ and ‘information manager’ roles in KT?

Dina and Rehab presenting their poster at the Rehabilitation Scientific Day 2019 by CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

Person-Centred Health Informatics