Objectives: To question and to describe the headache prevalence in a population undergone admissive evaluation. Methods: 607 individuals were undergone admissive evaluation, whose data were catalogued by the examiner neurologist. The questions “Do you have headache? Does headache interfere in your life quality?” were made to all patients, and the prevalence was compared with the literature. Results: The sample was composed of individuals from 17 to 66 years old (27.72 on average), in which 98.35% were male. About 5% of the individuals answered YES to both questions, 0.65% answered YES to only the first question, and no female answered YES to both questions. Conclusions: The observed headache prevalence is smaller than in other studies of healthy populations. It is possible that the hopeful applicant omit this information during the admissive evaluation by fearing that this information would interfere negatively in their hiring.

Macêdo, M. C. M., Santos, P. S. F., & de Jesus, A. C. F. (2016). Admissive evaluation and the headache diagnosis. Headache Medicine7(1), 50-53.

Full article: https://headachemedicine.com.br/admissive-evaluation-and-the-headache-diagnosis/