What You Can Learn By Integrating Healthcare Provider & Patient Perspectives

A new paper by Diana Zidarov during her postdoctoral fellowship.

Enrollment and dropout rates of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease approached for telehealth interventions: A systematic review and meta-regression analysis

Highlights Approximately 51 % of individuals with COPD refuse to participate in telehealth interventions, and among those who do participate,15 %

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Methodologies for Evaluating the Usability of Rehabilitation Technologies Aimed at Supporting Shared Decision-Making: Scoping Review

Abstract Background: The field of rehabilitation has seen a recent rise in technologies to support shared decision-making (SDM). Usability testing during

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Lessons Learned From Clinicians and Stroke Survivors About Using Telerehabilitation Combined With Exergames: Multiple Case Study

Abstract Background: In Canada, stroke survivors have difficulty accessing community-based rehabilitation services because of a lack of resources. VirTele, a personalized

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