PCHI Chronic Pain Research

We are currently conducting a number of chronic pain research studies.

Deployment of telehealth for the management of chronic pain based on best practices

The proposed innovation concerns the use and evaluation of a telehealth solution for users living with chronic pain (CP) in order to reduce their disability by increasing their self-efficacy and their skills in self management. The solution stems from progress related to the integration of technologies into current models of care, meets the government’s vision for online services and is in line with the orientations of the Provincial Action Plan for Chronic Pain 2020 -2025.

The objectives of the patient portal assessment are to

  1. Assess the pre-implantation of TSD-DC which includes clinical flow modeling and consolidation of content for TSD-DC;
  2. Assess the degree of integration of TSD-DC into clinical activities and identify barriers and facilitators to implantation;
  3. Assess the impact of the portal on patients, healthcare providers and the healthcare system;
  4. Synthesize the results in a TSD-DC implementation guide to ensure its viability and provincial scale.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sara Ahmed, Associate Professor, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy, McGill University

Person-Centred Health Informatics