PCHI Chronic Pain Research

We are currently conducting a number of chronic pain research studies.

Analysis of Canadian Longitudinal Study in Aging (CLSA)

Musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) are one of the major causes of disease burden around the world that affects more than 1.7 billion people worldwide. Low back pain (LBP) and osteoarthritis (OA) are two of the most common conditions of MSD. The prevalence of these two conditions increases with age and they are important sources of pain, disability, and impaired quality of life. In addition, they are leading contributors to health professional consultations, total health costs and are a burden to society in terms of loss of productivity. However, there is a lack of studies that comprehensively assess the physical, mental and social predictors of quality of Life (QoL) among individuals living with these conditions.

To estimate the impact of LBP and/or OA on QoL compared to other chronic conditions, with all conditions matched for sex and age.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sara Ahmed, Associate Professor, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy, McGill University

Person-Centred Health Informatics