PCHI Chronic Pain Research

We are currently conducting a number of chronic pain research studies.

A Learning Healthcare System for Chronic Pain Management: A Digital Platform with a Network Perspective

In Quebec, the health care system faces major shortcomings such as fragmentation of care, lack of coordination of services, and poor data management and data sharing. Moreover, data from electronic medical records in primary health care are difficult to access and clinical information does not follow the patient, making coordination and integration of care difficult. In addition, there is a lack of clinical and administrative indicators for conducting comparative effectiveness studies and evaluating the effects of chronic pain management programs on patient outcomes. These shortcomings are reflected, in particular, in the accessibility and continuity of services offered but also in the decreased capacity to meet the needs of people suffering from chronic pain.

In order to address these gaps, this project aims to build a learning health system in chronic pain using an integrated digital platform. The learning health system will be based on inter and intra-institutional trajectories that support the notion of integrated care and provide personalized and patient-centered care while ensuring cross-functional coordination of care and continuity of clinical information. Finally, the platform will integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence using predictive algorithms to provide personalized patient care, thereby contributing to a digital transformation with significant benefits for the health system, Stakeholders and the patient.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sara Ahmed, Associate Professor, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy, McGill University

Person-Centred Health Informatics