Dennis Radman
Dennis RadmanPhD Student

Dennis Radman, PhD Student

Dennis’ clinical work has focused on brain injury rehabilitation with children and adults with complex motor, cognitive, and communication impairments, many of whom required the use of assistive technology for mobility and cognitive rehabilitation. Dennis has extensive volunteer experience; sitting on the boards of the Brain Injury Canada, and the Brain Injury Association of Windsor / Essex County. Dennis has contributed to the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation’s publications on brain injury and concussion guidelines.

While a member of the PCHI Lab Dennis’ research will be focused on the development and evaluation of e-health technologies. Specifically, evaluating the implementation of digital health solutions for people with chronic conditions, mainly the design, features, & components of patient portals and clinical information systems that may lead to improved effectiveness and engagement with patients/caregivers with neurological conditions with potential to improve the outcomes and course of rehabilitation with this population.

More About Dennis

Dennis’ current research grows out of an interest in design, technology, behavioural economics, and rehabilitation. His research uses a community-based participatory research approach to explore the intersection of these domains. Dennis fancies himself a slayer of sludge and hunter of butterfly effects. He plans to mitigate barriers and by incorporate principles of accessibility, choice architecture, defaults, heuristics, and nudge theory to a number of technology-related research projects during his doctoral studies. Further, Dennis is interested in finding intervention and design features with advantageous asymmetries. Dennis plans to hunt down those small changes that can serve as catalysts for big changes. The intersection of technology and behavioural economic theory offers an opportunity to not only conduct important research but to also leverage the reach and cost-effectiveness of technology and the asymmetrical nature of behavioural and design interventions.

Dennis’ main research project involves identifying technology features with the greatest impact on seniors’ mobility, social and work participation which will be embedded in a platform trial of the Acquired Brain Injury Electronic Mobility Monitoring and Intervention (ABI EMMI) System.

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Dennis has dabbled in woodworking.

Dennis prefers playing futsal over soccer.

Dennis has created a number of websites, including this one :-)

Featured Publication

Development of a human stanniocalcin radioimmunoassay: serum and tissue hormone levels and pharmacokinetics in the rat

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Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2019: Graduate Excellence Fellowship, McGill University

  • 2015: Volunteer of the Year, Ontario Brain Injury Association

  • 2014: Communication Award, Brain Injury Canada

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