Andrew Sakhrani, DhSC
Andrew Sakhrani, DhSCResearch Assistant

Andrew Sakhrani, DhSC, MSc

Andrew Sakhrani, DhSC, MSc, Registered Kinesiologist & Exercise Physiologist, BSc Exercise Science is currently a research assistant for Dr. Sara Ahmed’s research lab at McGill University.  He completed his Doctorate degree in Health Sciences where his research focused on the Association of Poor Posture in Office and Non-Office Workers.  The research from his study provided information on how long periods of sitting and standing in bad posture can impact body alignment and lead to injuries to the musculoskeletal region.  After completing his Doctorate degree, he followed up his research to create an exercise device to prevent and treat neck pain by stretching and strengthening the neck muscles.  Andrew’s research interest lies in injury prevention, biomechanical research, acute and chronic injuries, poor posture, and knowledge translation.

During Andrew’s Masters’s degree, he focused his research on ankle rehabilitation with and without ankle taping incorporating balance training as a proprioception tool to improve motor control.  His research demonstrated that consistent use of ankle taping and restricting the ankle joint can lead to reinjury and not assist in rehabilitation.  Andrew has hopes that his master’s thesis will someday contribute to evidence-based research on the topic in sports medicine and athletic therapy to produce practical applications to optimize musculoskeletal rehabilitation practices.

In addition to his research exploration and education, Andrew has a keen interest in sports science and sports medicine.  He is consistently reading up on new and emerging trends in rehab sciences to prevent injury and exploring new alternatives to use scientifically to aid in research.

Andrew is involved with several research projects in the PCHI lab within the chronic pain research team including CHOIR, CPA, and Craig Nielsen.  Andrew also helps with developing templates and recreating images for presentations and applying his knowledge of patents and trademarks to assist with providing knowledge of intellectual property from personal experience.

More About Andrew

Andrew’s doctoral research led him to create X-Nek in order to provide a therapeutic exercise device for the proper performance of the chin tuck exercise with resistance. Engineered to complement body mechanics, X-Nek was designed to correct posture while performing the exercise in order to improve its effectiveness and reduce the risk of injury.

X-Nek is designed to assist you in properly performing the chin tuck exercises, with resistance for strength building and endurance. It can be used as part of a treatment or rehabilitation program recommended by your healthcare provider or as part of your regular exercise and strength training routine.

X-Nek allows you to exercise your neck muscles while standing or lying down, depending on your needs. Its compact design makes it travel-friendly, so you can strengthen your neck wherever you may be.

Projects Andrew is Involved In

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