Alice Misana
Alice MisanaMasters Student

Alice Misana, Masters Student

Alice is a physical therapist from Italy (BSc Physiotherapy at the University of Turin) with one year of experience in clinical facilities; she worked with patients, from children to adults, with neurological and orthopedical conditions. Alice has been a volunteer at the Italian Red Cross since 2013 and has volunteered on ambulances for seven years, also assisting her home country during the COVID-19 pandemic as a first aider. Helping and learning have been the core elements and inner motors of her life story to date, and consolidated them through Public and Global Health courses and independent readings.

Thanks to these experiences at the Red Cross, Alice has deeply understood that her vision is heading to issues surrounding the Global Health system promoting health and helping the most vulnerable. By looking at the local context and specific needs based on people’s personal and collective experiences, we could earn knowledge that can be transferred to actions and drive policymakers’ decisions to be more concrete.

More About Alice

Alice’s research will revolve around the co-design of a knowledge translation tool for Telehealth and the co-development of its content to provide evidence-based educational resources to help healthcare providers in increasing knowledge and skills around its use as well as tools to implement Telehealth initiatives. Specifically, the project is tailored to patients with stroke and Telehealth systems for stroke care management. The vision is to support confident and competent healthcare professionals, trainees and health organizations to deliver evidence-based Telehealth initiatives to further ensure more intensive, appropriate and accurate care programs for patients affected by stroke and help families in using and understanding the value and resources of Telehealth.

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Did you know ?

Alice does not go a day without being upside down (doing handstands is her favourite hobby).

The best views were the ones Alice had 4 meters from the ground doing pole vault :-)

Trying not to get pulled away from her husky is Alice’s hobby number 2!

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