Maitri Modi
Maitri ModiMSc Candidate

Maitri Modi, MSc Candidate

Maitri is an experienced Physical Therapist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Her skills include Soft Tissue Therapy, Healthcare Management, Manual Therapy, Fitness, Pilates, and Kinesio Taping. Strong healthcare services professional with a B. P. Th focused in Physiotherapy from KJ Somaiya College of Physiotherapy.

Currently she is pursuing Masters in Rehabilitation Science from McGill University (thesis). Her research is focused upon improving the patient centered care in individuals with chronic pain.

More About Maitri

Maitri’s interest in research sparked during her undergraduate studies in India when she published her first paper. Her undergraduate capstone project, “The effect of core stability training on dynamic balance and lower extremity performance in young, asymptomatic individuals’ has been published in International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research.

While Maitri understood the importance of conducting research, she also had to acknowledge that proper research required following the right protocols and rules. McGill University is known worldwide for its state-of-art research and this really ignited Maitri’s passion for learning how to conduct research from experts.

Maitri found Dr. Sara Ahmed’s lab at McGill and was drawn towards the research being conducted in the area of chronic pain management. Maitri plans to continue her research in the fields of musculoskeletal disorders and geriatric physiotherapy.

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Did you know ?

Maitri is an award-winning dancer.

Maitri would rather be travelling solo than be sitting at home cooking.

Maitri will climb Mt. Everest one day.

Featured Publication

The effect of core stability training on dynamic balance and lower extremity performance in young, asymptomatic individuals.

Maitri has published in both peer-reviewed and popular outlets

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Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2019: Graduate Excellence Fellowship Award, McGill University

  • 2019: McGill- Manipal Travel Award, McGill University

  • 2019: Graduate Travel Mobility Award, McGill University

  • 2018: Graduate Excellence Fellowship, McGill University

  • 2018: Scholarship for studies abroad, Shree Ghoghari Dasha Shrimali Mumbai

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