Hervé Zomahoun
Hervé ZomahounPostdoctoral Fellow

Hervé Zomahoun, PhD

Hervé holds a PhD in pharmaco-epidemiology as well as a MSc in epidemiology and a BSc in medical imaging. He has expertise in knowledge synthesis and knowledge translation. Hervé also has expertise in design, implementation and evaluation of health behavioral interventions in chronic diseases using questionnaires and administrative databases as part of outcomes measures. As part of his mandate as scientific coordinator at the Quebec SPOR-SUPPORT Unit, he gives knowledge synthesis and knowledge translation training to stakeholders including graduate students, research assistants, researchers, clinicians, and decision-makers, and coach them for their research projects.

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Hervé is a Scientific coordinator at Quebec SPOR-SUPPORT Unit

Hervé is a Lecturer at Université Laval

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Strategies for engaging patients and families in collaborative care programs for depression and anxiety disorders: A systematic review

Hervé has published in both peer-reviewed and popular outlets

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    Person-Centred Health Informatics